Meet our fleet of hard working construction equipment

“Old Smokey”

The 1996 John Deere 955 tractor is the smallest yet possibly the most versatile piece of equipment. It is mostly used for picking things up (trees, branches, logs, etc) in tight spaces with a lot of stumps. Its little bucket is good for small jobs, like filling narrow trenches with gravel. Upgrades include an engine rebuild and a tall exhaust pipe to direct the smoke away from the driver.

Attachments – a bucket for scooping gravel, a back blade for smoothing the ground, a grapple that Sam made for picking up logs and piles of branches, and a tree spade for digging slotted hole to plant trees (also one of Sam’s creations).

“The Excavator”

The 2013 Hitachi 60 excavator was the second member to join the fleet. The excavator is primarily used for digging- removing dirt, making trenches, mining rocks, etc. It is especially good at precision work, digging in very hard ground, digging up giant stumps, and removing unwanted shrubs. It also performs random jobs such as reaching high places, carrying heavy things, and tending to very tall burn piles/fires. Attachments include a narrow bucket with teeth, a wide bucket, and a back blade. Other exciting features include its bright orange paint and a closed cab with functioning A/C and heat.

“The Loader”

The Case 570 MXT is one of three Cases on the property. This is the youngest Case, from 1999. It has the largest bucket of the fleet, making it the ideal machine for moving large volumes of dirt. Its large back blade is great for road maintenance and leveling out wide areas. The loader is also capable of lifting heavy objects and unloading flatbeds with its forks. Attachments include a back blade with tines, a large bucket, and forks.

“The Dozer”

The 1982 Case 850C Bulldozer was the last machine to join the fleet. The blade is adjustable in three directions, which is handy for adding a little pitch for drainage to the roads. It can push a lot of material and is also good for smoothing out surfaces. In the winter, the dozer is the best machine for plowing snow and can also serve as a ski shuttle to the top of the ridge.

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