An Exsiding Independence Day!

Jackson visited us for the 4th of July weekend. It was great timing because our long awaited siding arrived that weekend!

The stuff under the red tarp is our siding

The siding shipped all the way from Sheet Metal Supply (SMS) in Illinois. We chose zinc as the material since it is very durable and low maintenance. It isn’t painted, and it’s patina eventually returns to its original finish if it gets scratched. It is basically self-healing and has a 75 year life expectancy. It also looks neat and isn’t too shiny.

The zinc panel system is made by a German company called “Rheinzink”. SMS gets various widths of zinc coils from Rheinzink. Then SMS cuts, bends and forms the material. We ordered the coils over a year ago because we knew the panel width and how much surface area we needed to cover; however, we didn’t place our exact panel order until this May.

Sam spent weeks this Spring designing the siding, making sure that our windows and doors perfectly line up with panel edges.

Additional hours were spent designing trims, sills, flashings, and other detailed components. Every component overlaps, to ensure moisture drains properly. This also allows every fastener to be concealed.

The overlapping system, however, added another element of difficulty since Sam had to account for the installation of each part. Sam eventually solved the puzzle and printed out all 100 drawings (literally) of each unique part for me to review.

One of Sam’s drawings for one side of a window trim

Upon placing the order, SMS promptly got to work forming parts for us. We were ecstatic that our shipment arrived so quickly.

Everything was packed into four large crates. The crates were various sizes and weights. Sam had no problem lifting them off the delivery truck with the loader and carrying them up the hill.

However…each crate presented us with a challenge as we tried to get them inside for storage. Some crates were too long to fit through our temporary door opening. Some were too heavy to maneuver. The excavator was too tall. The trailer was too wide. Luckily we have an assortment of heavy equipment…

After getting everything safely inside, we went home for the night.

We returned the following morning and took inventory. We immediately spotted a few black shapes amongst the grey zinc panels.

Every inch of the building is clad in metal. We didn’t want any exposed wood due to fire danger, plus metal cladding holds up better than painted wood. So, we ordered a few pieces of black aluminum cladding to cover the cupola. The cupola was the perfect little project to do with Jackson since he likes the bucket truck.

Some sheet metal working was required for the pieces to fit around the roof.

Once they covered a few faces, we were able to install some of the louvers.

First, we drilled holes around the frame. It’s best to do as much prep work as possible on the ground.

The set of double louvers was heavy. I helped load the boys into their buckets. Then up they went!

It went swimmingly.

Almost done… (We’re still missing louvers and a couple soffit coverings on one side)

The three of us celebrated the 4th in our usual style. We watched the firework show from our canoe. It was another fantastic show!

A quick cat update- Buster caught a chipmunk! (After we pointed it out and coaxed the cats over to it.) Both Buster and Smokey have adjusted very well and are happy shop cats.

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